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Guide to Turbocharger Function

Turbochargers are a great way to improve the power generated by the engine and it also contributes to engine efficiency. These will use the exhaust gases of the engine to boost its horsepower and therefore increase the horsepower of the engine.

There are many sellers for turbochargers and turbocharger parts such as turbo line kits. Make sure that you research them thoroughly before selecting a supplier as this will have a determining factor in the authenticity of the turbocharger and parts. Using fake parts can actually cost you more when it comes to repairs. But before you think about adding a turbocharger or parts, you need to consider how this works and how your vehicle can benefit from it. Forced induction is the principle used for turbocharger function. The energy from the exhaust gases are used by the turbocharger. And these exhaust gases are actually a by-product of the combustion process. These gases will flow into the turbocharger turbine housing where there is a turbine wheel connected to a shaft. The turbine wheel will start to move and spin quickly because of the exhaust gases giving rise to rotational energy which is transferred through the turbine shaft to the other side where a compressor wheel is connected.

Ambient air

Is pulled in through the compressor and it will compress the air before this enters the engine’s intake manifold. This will increase the air pressure ensuring that the combustion chamber of the engine receives more oxygen. And because of the increased oxygen supply, the engine will be able to burn more fuel. This will contribute to a more powerful combustion. As a result the engine will generate more torque and horsepower. There are so many benefits of turbochargers which is why it is a popular performance part among automotive enthusiasts. As mentioned above, turbochargers will boost the power output without having to replace your engine with a larger one. And you will be able to achieve a higher level of performance all the while sticking to the regulations with regard to emissions and fuel efficiency.

The fuel efficiency of your vehicle will be increased because the combustion process is maximised.

A more complete fuel burn is completed because of the addition of the turbocharger and this will further optimise the efficiency of the engine. Because of this added performance and efficiency, vehicle manufacturers are able to downsize engines without it affecting vehicle performance. You will be able to deliver the same power with a smaller engine that is equipped with a turbocharger. And when it comes to elevated altitudes, because of the reduced oxygen availability, vehicles with turbochargers tend to perform well. Therefore, turbochargers are great for driving on a variety of terrains. You will also be able to enjoy almost instantaneous power when you accelerate. And turbo lag is reduced to a very low level. And the beauty of turbochargers is that you can customise the performance by fine-tuning the turbocharged setup so that their performance goals can be met. This can be done by adjusting boost pressure, tuning etc.

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