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How to Maintain Truck Refrigeration Systems

Refrigerated trucks are useful for carrying perishable goods within a fixed temperature. But for efficient operation of the refrigeration system, you need to make sure that it is serviced and maintained regularly.

There are companies

That will install the truck refrigeration system and also provide maintenance services. You can learn more about it by checking their official websites and going through their services. One of the common maintenance tasks that have to be done is cleaning. You need to clean the air filters, condenser coils and the evaporator coils. When there is dirt and debris in the system, it significantly reduces the efficiency of the system. And when you keep using a truck that hasn’t been cleaned properly, you will notice that you are consuming roe fuel than usual and the cooling performance of the system is reduced. The frequency with which you should clean the truck depends on the circumstances. You will need to clean more frequently if you are using the truck on a regular basis. Environmental conditions also need to be considered.

Another thing

That can cause the cooling performance of the system to go down is having low refrigerant levels. This is something that has to be inspected regularly because when refrigerant levels are low, the system works harder which can result in long term damage. Here as well, you will see a rise in fuel consumption. Inspecting refrigerant levels has to be done by a qualified technician as you need to have the right tools and equipment for it. If the belts and hoses in the refrigeration system have been subjected to wear and tear, this can also bring down cooling performance. You should have them inspected regularly for any leaks, signs of wear and cracks. There is a maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer that you will need to follow and this will ensure proper servicing and maintenance for the refrigeration system. In addition to regular inspections, you also have to clean and replace any worn out parts. This is a great way of preventing breakdowns and costly repairs.

There are several moving parts in the refrigeration system which required proper lubrication. This is what reduces the friction between them and brings down wear and tear. Some of the parts that need to be regularly lubricated are the compressor and the fan motor. This is a maintenance task that will extend the life of these components and contribute to a more efficient system. The refrigeration system has to be monitored and tested regularly to make sure that it is performing properly. When you take the truck to a qualified technician after a certain period of time, they will check the airflow, temperature control, cooling performance etc. of the system to give you an idea of performance. If the performance is lower than optimal levels, they will look for the cause of the issue and recommend repairs or replacements. The temperature settings of the system have to be monitored and fixed according to the type of cargo you transport. This is something that needs to be inspected before every journey.

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