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How to Maintain Your Wetsuit?

A wetsuit is a versatile tool for water sports and it is very important that you select one based on the requirements of your chosen sport and the conditions of the location. For example, the average temperature of the water has to be considered when choosing wetsuit thickness ensuring your comfort. Once you have used the wetsuit, you need to know how to properly care for it and we will be going through some habits you need to learn to extend the life of your wetsuit.

A very important rule

When it comes to wetsuit maintenance is rinsing the suit with fresh water immediately after using it. This is because it will have sand, saltwater and other debris on it and these contaminants can contribute to its wear and tear. So you need to remove these immediately after you get out of the ocean. A freshwater shower or hose can be used for this and you need to rinse the outside and inside carefully. In addition to rinsing the wetsuit regularly, you will also need to deep clean it from time to time. You can find wetsuit shampoo or clear that is quite gentle on the neoprene. Or you can use a gentle soap for this. You should not be using any harsh detergents on the wetsuit as it can cause more wear to the neoprene over time. You can scrub the inside and outside with a soft brush or use your hands to do it.

Make sure that you pay extra attention to the seams

Once you have rinsed it, the wetsuit has to be turned inside out so that the interior is exposed. You can dry the wetsuit and doing it this way will also prevent bacteria and mould growing on it. This is because it is the inside of the wetsuit that traps more moisture. You can find springsuits with short arms and legs and full suits such as the Vissla full wetsuits with long arms and legs. No matter what style of wetsuit you have, you need to make sure that you take care of it properly so that it lasts for a long time. It is important to dry the wetsuit properly so that there are no lingering unpleasant odours. You have to use a padded wide hanger for this so that excess stress is not exerted on the shoulders.

You need to have proper ventilation

But make sure to avoid direct sunlight as this can be quite damaging to the neoprene. A shaded and ventilated area is the best place to dry your wetsuit. You should never keep your wetsuit damp and folded. Some people tend to hang the wetsuit by the neck. And when you do this, it can stretch this area so that you see some distortion over time. The entire width of the shoulders has to be supported so that the weight of the wetsuit is evenly distributed. When storing the wetsuit, you can keep it flat or rolled up so that it is not creased. Folding the wetsuit can lead to permanent creases.

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