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Studying Abroad: The First 5 Things to Focus On

Are you looking to study abroad? Here are 5 crucial parts of the whole process.

Your Plan

If you know for sure that you will be studying somewhere abroad, you need to start planning right away! The first decision you will make is where or which country you will study in. You may have your personal reasons for your choice, nevertheless, you need to make a final decision, especially if you have more than one option in mind.

When you’ve made this decision, you move on to the most crucial parts of your plan – choosing a university. In most cases, the university you pick will depend on what you want to study. Thus, you’d want to be somewhat clear about your interests and your career path while you look for universities.

When you’ve found a good one, you can then start looking for specific courses that you can take, and even start deciding on your specializations. You can use Drake Student Australia’s support if you wish, for assistance with this entire process. From choosing a university to paving your career path and finishing off successfully, you can seek all the guidance you need. 


Being financially prepared to execute your mental plan is crucial. In fact, it will determine how successful or possible your plan will turn out. If it is your parents or a guardian who will fund you, you need to have a proper chat with them, a discussion rather, to see how the finances can be worked out throughout your academic years.

You might need to get in touch with the university you are hoping to get enrolled in, and discuss finances, funding, as well as scholarship options that are offered by them. Almost all international students are required or advised to work part time to help them deal with basic costs of living.

It is vital that you speak to your university directly, and not seek general information instead. Your university should be able to give you the right guidance so you know what to expect and what exactly to do when you get started with your life at university.


Application processes can sometimes be complex; therefore, it is always recommended that you get in touch with the university for direct guidance and support. There are loads that you’d want to know – whether you require to take specific exams or have specific qualifications/passes in order to be eligible to apply.

This is why starting your application process as soon as possible, or as soon as they’re open is a wise thing to do. Keep in mind that requirements can differ even drastically at times, from state to state, and course to course. Thus, you need to pay attention to every little part of your application process/requirements. 


Based on all the research and information you’ve obtained, you should be able to decide whether to choose on-campus accommodation or look for an alternative. If you choose the latter, you would need to make some effort and spend quite a bit of time looking for suitable options. It is best to have this part sorted as soon as you can. 

Health and Travel Insurances

Check on the specific requirements in your destination – what medical records you need to submit and what type of insurances you need to obtain. These things take time so make sure you get your check ups done and have the  documents ready in time.