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How to Select a Catholic Girls School

Selecting the right school for your child will have an impact on their academic and personal development. Catholic schools can provide a unique environment for your child where they can pursue academic excellence along with learning religious values. This is a great way of developing their character.

You will need to carry out a lot of research to select the right catholic girls school Brisbane. You can start by looking into schools that are in the local area by running a Google search but make sure you know which parameters you want to prioritise. If you don’t find this in the schools nearby, you can always widen the area of the search. Some of the factors you will need to check when comparing the schools are their curriculum, extracurricular activities, mission statements, educational philosophies and facilities available. You can also sit down with your daughter and have a discussion about what their interests are when it comes to academics and extracurricular activities. For example, if they are interested in music or a certain sport, you can look for a school that has the facilities and the programmes to accommodate it.

Once you have narrowed down the list to a few potential schools,

It is important to visit the school to get a better idea. You can also visit the school with your daughter so they can get an idea of what the teachers and students are like. You need to ask about the curriculum, student to teacher ratios and academic performance of the school. It is best to have a list of questions ready before you visit the school so you don’t miss anything. Visiting the school will also give you an idea of the school environment and culture. The main reason that parents choose a Catholic school for their children is because of the faith based education that they can provide. You need to make sure that the religious beliefs and values of the school align with yours so that your child can grow up in a similar environment.

Ask about the religious education programme of the school and the role of faith in the school. Check the variety of extracurricular activities offered by the school. These can impact the personal and social development of your child greatly. Some of the activities you should look for are sports, music, clubs, art and community service programmes. And you should also make sure that there is a college preparatory programme in the school with a good track record for preparing students for college. Inquire about the disciplinary policy of the school to understand how they can create a respectful learning environment in the school. This will also give you some assurance about the safety and wellbeing of your daughter. The cost for different schools can vary so you need to check tuition and other fees that are involved. There may also be certain financial aid options that you can benefit from. Consider the size of the school and the class size to see whether your child will receive a more personalised learning experience.

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