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Reasons for a Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment can be used to alleviate pain from a severely compromised tooth and it can actually help you save the tooth. Carrying out this treatment can help you avoid other severe oral health issues as well.

There are many reasons to carry out root canal treatment Berwick and one of the main reasons is if the tooth is badly broken down. This can be due to an industry or excessive wear. Or if you have undergone extensive dental work, in some cases, you may need to have a root canal. The tooth is protected by outer layers such as the enamel and dentin. But when these outer layers are compromised, the risk of an infection reaching the inner pulp or it becoming inflamed is quite high.

In the event of an infected or damaged inner pulp, a root canal treatment can help you save the tooth. This is a great way of preventing further complications from occurring. While many people have experienced tooth decay, sometimes it can be left untreated so that it progresses to a point where the decay penetrates the structure of the tooth reaching the pulp. This stage can cause an infection leading to significant pain. When you have extensive tooth decay, it reaches the inner part of the tooth in addition to the outer layers. And the infected pulp has to be removed in order to restore the health of the tooth.

There are many reasons why your tooth can become infected

Sometimes there will be tooth decay which has gone untreated. If there are cracks on your tooth or a previously extensive dental procedure, there is a higher risk for infection. This happens when bacteria reach the pulp chamber of the tooth. Once it does, it gives rise to an infection and you will feel a lot of pain as a result. The infection can be eliminated by a root canal treatment. And instead of having to extract the tooth, the tooth can actually be saved which will not affect your appearance.

It is important to visit the dentist regularly so that signs of infection can be identified. They will be able to see these indications even when you will not be able to and when you are not experiencing any pain. This prevents the infection from spreading to the teeth adjacent to the infected tooth. In certain situations, the surrounding bone will also be affected.

If you are frequently engaged in physical activity

And sports without wearing a mouthguard, there is a higher possibility of your teeth experiencing trauma. This can lead to fractures forming in the tooth or cause internal damage to it. In some situations, the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth can become compromised leading to inflammation and infection. The dentist may recommend a root canal treatment in order to address the damage. They will clean the area that is affected and restore the tooth without extracting it. A sign that your dental infection has reached a severe stage is facial swelling. You need to immediately see a dentist so that they can remove the source of infection promptly and alleviate the symptoms.

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