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Reasons to Read to Your Child from a Young Age

Books are a great addition to any home and it can teach your child so much about the world. By reading to your child from a young age, you will be able to cultivate a love of reading and learning in them. And they will be able to appreciate the worlds that become accessible through a humble book.

Reading to your child makes words and sounds more familiar to them and this is a great way for them to develop their language skills. When children hear language of varying levels of complexity, they will become more familiar with the words and develop a strong command of the words as well. You can easily teach new words and phrases to your child through reading. These words will not be what they usually hear in their day to day life but it will help enrich their vocabulary. It can be eye-opening for them to learn that there are words to describe certain emotions and feelings. And this will help them put their thoughts and emotions into language as well. They will also learn more about the world through books.

There are so many types of kids books which will bring a lot of variety to them; there are pop-up books that can be interactive and illustrated books that can bring stories to life. So many new worlds will be open to your child when you read to them. The books you select should reflect diversity in the world. A good tip is to select children’s books from authors all around the world so that your child can learn different perspectives and be exposed to different cultures. This way your child can learn to be more open minded and they will be more appreciative of the differences between us. Reading can also improve cognitive development. It will teach children to pay attention to the story and they will also remember the story after some time which will promote good memory.

Your child will use their imagination when they are reading or turning the pages of the book.

And the concepts they hear about will help them grow their critical thinking skills. They will have questions that come up as a result of the story and it will drive them to question why something happens or how something works. It is a great way to improve problem solving skills. When you are reading a book to your child, it creates a bond between the two of you. This will be an enjoyable activity to both you and the child. This will strengthen your emotional connection in a positive way. It is also found that children who read tend to be more empathetic towards the world and develop a high level of emotional intelligence. And when your child is exposed to books from a young age, they will learn to be more curious about the world and develop a love of learning. They will have a passion to learn different things and their literacy level will improve as well.

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