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How to Maximise Storage Space in a Small Kitchen

Not everyone has the kitchen of their dreams but you don’t need to give up just yet. A common complaint with most kitchens is that they are too small and don’t allow for sufficient storage space. But you can always rethink your kitchen space to allow for more functionality.

When you are working with an experienced builder,

They will be able to come up with solutions to these common challenges. There can be certain things that they have implemented in other projects that can inspire ideas for your own kitchen. You can check out hammer time reading blog to see how a renovation can completely transform your kitchen. Sometimes you may not be able to expand the kitchen space but you can still achieve a lot with what you already have. All surfaces in the kitchen can inspire you. For example, think about what you can do with the walls. These will be ideal for hanging shelves and racks. You can hang pots and pans that are frequently used next to the stove. These are easily accessible and you will not need to have them stored on the counted or take up cabinet space. You need to make sure that counter space is left as it is without so many things being placed on it cluttering it up.

You may not be able to fit another cabinet into the space.

But think of ways to maximise the use of cabinets. You can actually install racks or hooks to the inside of the cabinet doors so that you can store small items in them such as utensils, lids, spices etc. Also, it is best if you can have shelves instead of cabinets with doors below the countertop. This allows you to access things better. You no longer have to crouch and reach your hand inside the cupboards. You can simply pull the shelves out and see everything you have stored there in a second. Many people tend to have a knife block on the counter to store knives. But you can free up this counter space by having a magnetic knife strip on the wall or on the side of the cabinet.

Vertical storage is a great way to maximize the limited space in a kitchen.

You can have a vertical shelving unit to store kitchen items. You can also have a pegboard installed. If you have space above your stove, you can install a pot rack which keeps pots and pans within reach. And they will not take up valuable storage space. You can also have this installed over the island counter. You can make available space more efficient as well. One such example is the use of dividers in a drawer so that everything has its own place. And if you have a pantry you need to have separate items such as baskets and shelves to store different items whether it is snacks, baking supplies, canned goods etc. This will make finding things so much easier.

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