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Common Accessories for Guitars

Guitars have unique sound and when you are starting to learn how to play a guitar, you will also learn there are many accessories you can use with them. These accessories will improve the playing experience and allow you to produce beautiful sound as well.

The most common guitar accessory is the pick and this is made out of plastic and other materials

These come in different thicknesses, shapes and sizes and different picks can produce different sounds. So you will generally have a few picks when you start to play so that you understand what each of them does. Thin picks are great for playing rhythm and strumming but to produce a brighter sound, you will need to choose thicker picks. The guitar strings that are a part of the instrument can be considered an accessory as well. You will need to replace strings regularly as they can wear out and break with time. This allows you to maintain a higher quality of sound as well. There are steel and nylon strings along with different thicknesses of strings that affect the sound produced.

Guitar amps or amplifiers are used by electric guitar players and this will amplify the sound of the guitar. You can find different types of amps such as combo amps, head and cabinet amps, solid state amps, tube amps etc. The combo amps are more affordable and it is an all-in-one unit that carries both the speakers and the amplifier. This is a good option for a beginner. These are in two separate units when it comes to the head and cabinet amps.

A guitar tuner will allow you to tune the guitar effectively and these can be analog or digital. You can determine whether a string is too low or high using this allowing you to keep your guitar in tune for great sound. You can raise the pitch of the strings using a capo and this can be clamped onto the guitar neck. You can easily change the key of a song without changing the chords or fingering.

Many players tend to use guitar straps as it allows you to play the guitar standing up

This prevents the guitar from falling and gives some support as well. You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a guitar strap and there are so many colours, designs and materials on the market. You can easily customise the appearance of the guitar like this. When you by a guitar, it will come with a case. But you can also choose a different case made of different materials, sizes and shapes.

Hard cases will generally offer more protection but these can be quite heavy. Soft cases are lightweight allowing you to easily travel with the guitar but the protection offered is less. You can also purchase a guitar stand to hold the guitar upright when you are not using it. It is a great way to display the guitar when not used and these come in different materials and designs.

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