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How Podiatrists Help Maintain Athletic Performance

There are many factors that affect athletic performance and this include strength, conditioning, mental focus and nutrition. One element that tends to get overlooked when it comes to athletic performance is foot health. Feet are the foundation of movement for athletes and it will also affect their overall physical health. 

You can visit Armadale Village Podiatry in order to prevent injuries and maintain your athletic performance. Podiatrists will be able to identify potential risk factors and address them before they result in an injury. They will analyse your gait and carry out biomechanical assessments so that they can identify biomechanical imbalances, overuse patterns and structural abnormalities. These factors can predisposeathletes to certain injuries like stress fractures, ankle sprains and plantar fasciitis. If you are predisposed to ankle sprains, podiatrists can help assess the stability of your ankle and recommend strengthening exercises. You can also wear ankle braces or supportive footwear so that the risk of sprains is reduced. Your biomechanics and foot structure will be evaluated so that podiatrists can identify factors that contribute to stress fractures. They will recommend modifications to your footwear or orthotics so that the stress on vulnerable areas can be alleviated.

Plantar fasciitis can be a painful condition

And podiatrists will offer targeted treatments for this such as the use of custom orthotics, stretching exercises and shockwave therapy so that inflammation and pain can be alleviated. Custom orthotics can optimise athletic performance as they help align the feet accurately and correct biomechanical imbalances. They can improve stability and reduce the strain on your joints and muscles. This will improve efficiency of your overall biomechanics when you are engaged in athletic activities. They will tailor the custom orthotics according to your ait mechanism, foot structure an activity level so that your optimal comfort and performance can be ensured. They will also recommend on which footwear is best for you depending on the specific activities or sport you are engaged in. If you are a long distance runner, they will recommend running shoes that have sufficient stability and ample cushioning. Or if you play soccer, they will recommend cleats with proper traction.

Biomechanics affect your athletic performance.

They affect jumping mechanics and running gait. And podiatrists specialise in assessing biomechanical function and optimising it so that athletes are able to perform at their peak. Some of the issues they can diagnose are over pronation or supination, muscle imbalances and foot strike patterns. Your movement pattern can be affected when certain muscles or muscle groups are weak or tight. Targeted exercises will be recommended by podiatrists so that these can be addressed. If your feet rolls out during movement, it can cause strain on your knees, hips and ankles. Orthotics and proper footwear will be recommended by podiatrists so that they can support these biomechanical abnormalities. Your speed and efficiency are affected by the way your foot makes contact with the ground when you walk or run. It will also influence injury risk. Your foot strike pattern will be analysed by podiatrists so that they can guide you on proper form to minimise the stress on your lower limbs and feet.

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